Online Co-Parenting Class

6 Hour Co-Parenting

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Ideal for divorcing, separated or never married couples who have been recommended to attend a co-parenting class. The focus is on the children, as parents learn skills to avoid common mistakes and successfully work together with their co-parent.

Online Parenting Without Conflict

by New Ways for Families®

12 Hour Parenting w/o Conflict

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Skills-based co-parenting course designed by Bill Eddy, LCSW, Esq., for potentially high-conflict families during separation or divorce. These skills help parents protect their children from conflict as their family reorganizes in new ways.

Online Parenting Skills - Basics Class

12 Hour Ages 0-5

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12 Hour Ages 5-13

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12 Hour Ages 13-18

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Provides parents a foundational understanding of basic parenting skills in order to raise children from infancy to adulthood.

Additional Info

Online parenting programs are court mandated prior to mediation in San Diego County. is an approved provider to offer the 6 hour online co-parenting program.